Mission: To have a positive effect on our future by inspiring today's youth with the magic of photography. Let's face it. Children are our future. The following quote makes so much sense. "It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men" -Frederick Douglas. 

I will be running free photography workshops that will instill positive character traits like self esteem, confidence, and creativity in young people. 

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I am asking for your help to raise enough money to buy entry-level DSLR cameras for the students to use during these workshops. The cameras will be used as tools to teach the kids how to express themselves and impact others with their photography. 

Please help me with my cause. I will use the money to purchase 8 cameras, most likely refurbished DSLRs, to run a class of 6 students, with two cameras as back-up. 

If enough money comes in, I’ll be able to advertise the program, maintain this web site, and inspire more kids. Eventually, I'd like to expand the program to include regular, after-school sessions. I want to provide  the kids with a supportive environment that shapes them into becoming productive adults.


Initially, I am offering  single workshops to kids ages 9-13. The kids will be chaperoned by their parent and together they will learn photography as a team and strengthen their relationships. In the future the program can be expanded into other age groups. 


We are a society dominated by visual input everywhere we go. Some of it is good. Some of it is bad. Whether it's a cell phone, the internet, television, or a billboard, images are everywhere.  Photography impacts all of us, everyday, in many different ways. I've been a portrait photographer and sports coach to young  people for over 30 years. I want to do something that affects our future positively.

How The Inspire Kids Project Started

Our specific strategies are still being formulated, but we are excited to be able to make a difference in today’s youth. They are our future. Every adult reading this post was once a child and was influenced by adults. Can you imagine the ripple effect you can have when you have a positive effect on a child. What would happen if you could influence hundreds or even thousands of children?

Look around. We live in a visual world. We are bombarded with visual information. Some of it is good. Some of it is bad.Digital photography and video permeates our lives. The visual tools we have available are abundant. Maybe it’s time we all used them for the greater good. Parents, digital photography presents you with an opportunity to view the world through the eyes of your child.Hmm………… As we age, many of us recognize that our time here is limited and we become more interested in leaving a legacy behind us.

Maybe there is some of that in you. I’ve been searching for a mission for several years.I looked back at my life history and took a look at what has interested me.I’ve been a photographer, at some level for over 45 years. I’ve photographed and coached children for most of my adult life. I’ve always enjoyed having a positive impact on kids. It’s time to make a difference.

Let's give today's youth the skills they need for a better tomorrow for themselves and for all of us. I would be so grateful for your help in making a difference in the lives of these young, impressionable people.

Thank you.

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